Underground GM

The wall is a an entrance into hell. All fiends and half-fiends originate from other side of the wall. Since the wall is used to block travel, half-fiends are incredibly rare in the world, which is good, so nobody recognizes what they are.

The Walking Dead

During this time, the wall is losing strength. While hell has not broken through yet, the demons are able to summon the undead to act as their avatars. Thankfully, the cities of the underworld don’t believe in burying the dead (bodies are burned), so the demons can only animate the freshly dead.

Campaign Ideas

Players both have a criminal background. As a punishment, they were forced to work in the mines, which is why they are augmented. They have both served there sentences. Work is hard to find for them, their augmentation brand them as ex-cons. They took up a job as slavers.

The group they are with set out. They had a tip where some targets would be. Before they get there, they get attacked by some unknown creature. This creature are easy to defeat, but they use an attack that let off the same poisones gas that the mines do, effectively killing the slaving party.

The players are the only ones left, and now have to choose what to do. Some options:
– Report siting of creatures. Tales of creatures like this from the Deep have been told. Cities should be warned.
– Continue with mission to get slaves.
– Run away with slave targets since they aren’t accepted here.

Should the players stick around, the dead will eventually animate.


The Barrows

The capital of the underground. Name means ancient burial ground. Surrounded by a giant gorge, which makes the city incredibly hard to capture. Since there is no room to expand, the city is populated with tall towers and close buildings. Streets aren’t as prevalent as they are above ground. Most residential districts are purely interior.

Underground GM

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