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Quick Summary:
The Surface is the bridge between the Skyworld and the Underworld. The Surface is home to the blue collar workforce. Steam punk technology plays a big role for both factories and people. Augmentations are used to allow humans and other races “safely” process the rich materials brought up from the Underworld.

Long and drawn out summary:

A land with no one king, of grave faced thanes and greedy councilmen. No true lords or ladies nor knights in armor a land ruled by the coin purse and the means to fill it. Chaos is held back because trade needs order and because the ends to means often require working with others. Midrealm is a land in the constant shadow of the upper realm and in constant pressure from realm below. Being in the middle does have its markup though the only reward for the worker is the pride in the creation.

The mid-realm is a world of harsh black and whites as well as many shades of gray. The realm is split between the rich trade merchants and mine owners and everyone else. Everyone else is by far the greater population especially outside of the major port city. In the city a large blue collar is the life blood that work in the complex gnomish factories refining ores and building the great airships. The upper middle class are the engineers and skilled trade guild members who work on the augmentations required to mine and refine the rare and valuable ores from the lower realm. The gray are those who seek to redistribute the wealth and power by sometimes questionable means.

The dwarfs mainly control the middle realm mines. Their mines and cities are built into the mountain and are a gateway into the lower realm. These gateways are fiercely guarded and the winding and twisted mazes to them are heavily fortified. It is said that without a select dwarven guide you would quickly perish from one of the complex and deadly traps or face a long slow death of starvation as you look for the secret doors and pathways to the gate. Rumors of ancient golems guarding the passageway between the realms are quick common but no one alive has seen the great statues move.

The trade merchants are lesser versions of the trade masters in the skies. They are often called ‘middle’ merchants because they take their cut without adding any real value. To which the merchant will reply, “what is the value of the security of your goods during their stay in the middle realm?” In fact, majority of the members of the guild are in the business of protecting rather than distribution and their army would make any mild realm ruler blush with envy. The merchants guild always takes the side with the coin or in more extreme cases the side of survival. The deal with the low man to the highest kings and are reputed to work closely with the gray in sensitive matters that need to disappear.

The gnomes are the designers and builders of the technology that run the trade industry. Without their factories it would be impossible to produce the intricate augmentations used to mine the minerals to fuel both as well as the trade. Although they enjoy the mounds of coins they enjoy more the funding and ability to make their ever flowing ideas a reality. Gnomish research facilities are highly guarded to protect the secrets of the engineers and scientists. Although majority of the research is practical applied in some matter it is rumored that facilities are a gnomish playhouse of fantasy self serving designs.

The gray thrive in the turbulent midrealm and have a strong foothold in the port city. The elusive gray work in the shadows and outsiders and even some insiders don’t realize the length of their reach. Members are carefully selected and carefully removed if they break the gray’s rules on secrecy. The gray have agents and members in all three realms but it is rumored that their headquarters is in the mid realm. It is rumored that lead assassins carry blades imbued with the rare material that is coveted by the upper realm.

The elves guard the forest and the trees within. The elves are forced to participate in the world rather than in their preferred seclusion. Wood is a valuable resource and rather than lose their forest to tree poachers the elven druids feed the need by raising large tree farms of several of the most desirable varieties. In return for the service of providing wood in otherwise impossible amounts the trade guild holds their home forests in protection. The elven kings also enjoy the extra coin for expanding their ever growing forest palaces (though of course they would do just fine on their own thank you).


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