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The Skyworld is home to rich merchants and powerful magic users. Their geographical position is the same their personal opinion of the other kingdoms. The Skyworld requires powerful and expensive magic to keep their cities afloat. Centuries of mining have forced them to rely on the other kingdoms to provide the necessarily resources.

Magic is everyday life in the Skyworld; all native inhabitants are practicioners of magic in one way or another. Any who are non-magical are at best servents, at worst, slaves or prisioners.

Skyworld is a Mageocracy. A council of 8 Magus are led by an Archmagus. The council is known as The Nine. The reigning Archmagus holds sway over the other 8, but the other 8 may override the Archmagus in any matter, but the vote must be unanimous. Each of the 8 control their own Island, as the Archmagus always controls the central capitol. Although the 9 are spread throughout the skyworld, it is generaly theroized they are always in contact somehow. In addition to holding their own courts, every 3 months the 9 meet in the capitol for a week-long conclave. The Archmagus and the 9 are appointed. When a member retires, he or she appoints a successor. If a successor is not immediately known, the remaining 8 will appoint a successor instead. The Archmagus is simply the most powerful Magus of the 9.

Current political climate is tense. Archmagus Corbin Alkestes is power-hungry. He has dedicated much of the relm’s tresury toward his own research and is known to dissapear for weeks at a time in his tower. Ignoring the needs of the public. This has only been within the last 5 years of his reign. When he ascended to Archmagus he was well loved and respected. It is assumed that he became of a victim of his own popularity. The remaining 8 are divided, they smell weakness in the archmagus and most are posturing themselves for acention, or at least ally themselves with whom they beleive will become the next Archmage.

Daily Life
Skyworld is divided into several floating Islands. The Islands themselves range from the massive, mile-accross, capitol to tiny single city or private islands. Only the rich and/or powerfull can afford their own island and must swear fealty to the council member in controll of their airspace. Although it is theroised there may be un-documented smuggler’s islands none are currently known. Travel from island to island is acheived by airship. Airships themselves range from the enormous trade vessels, to tiny personal craft. These will be described in detail later.

Life on each island varies depending on where you are. The one comonality is your social status is everything, there is a definate caste system. Your status is determined by your magical power, family, and/or political clout. It is possible to rise though the ranks of society but those born to a low house may find it difficult to gain access to the private schools or attend events to facilitate your rise. Also those who choose not to pursue a career in the arcane also find many road blocks, but it is still possible. This being said however, even the lowest class in the Skyrelm are living in luxury compared to those in the other relms.

Currency is standard DnD. However, water is also considered highly valuable and tradeable. There is no natural source of water in Skyrelm, it has to be brough up from the surface, and is therefor very expensive. Water shortages are always a constant threat and is the largest bargening chip the surface has with the Skyrelm.

Airships come in many varietys, but all are extremely expensive. The airships themselve are made by a class of builders on the surface. These builders practice a highly-guarded secret art of a type of rune magic. These builders are the only ones who’s rune magic is powerful enough to imbue the crafts to be flown and controlled. The larger ships are crewed by a Captain, who is always a Magus and an engineer who has been trained by the builders how to repair ships but can not create one themselves. Below are the various classes of craft.

These are massive vessles 80-100 feet long and crews of 50+. These are one of 2 ship classes that can make the trip from the surface to the Skyrelm itself. Galleons are the main vessel used for trade between the relms. They can move from island to island, but they are such a rare commodity they are mainly used to travel strictly between surface and ports. They also carry a contingint of mixed specialist security and are heavily armed. They can carry passengers but quarters are shared with crew and are generaly expected to help with the voyage.

These are much smaller than a Galleon but are faster and more comfortable. These ships are mainly used by well-to-do merchants who specialize in rarer items and luxuaries to trade with the surface, and also to move from island to island. They are also the mass transportation vessels for passengers from island to island, and island to surface. Traveling to the surface requires special permits however. Crews are much the same as a galleon but the security forces depend on who owns the ship and who is traveling on it.

These are purely military ships. Frigates are too small to travel to the surface, but there is a small fleet which escorts Galleons from the surface to almost a day’s travel up; and again when a galleon nears the skyport. Frigates also patrol between the islands, and escort carrivals when the need arises. There are some frigates that have been captured by pirates, these pirates perform hit and run raids on trade vessels from time to time.

Thse are small personal vessels. They can generaly carry 3-4 people and can be piloted by a single person. These can travel between islands but are very small so must make frequent supply stops when traveling long distances.

Each island is a testament to the mastery of magic. Thousends of years ago Magi expirimented with flight and levitation. After several failed attempts they were finally able to combine rune magic with the arcane. With this magic they were able to raise islands to the heavens. This was originaly done to escape persecution from the general public. At the time Magi were tourtured and stoned to death. People feared the power they wielded. At some point in this history the knowledge of how to meld rune and arcane was destroyed. All record of it was purged, and all who knew its secrets disapeared, even their familys were wiped from the pages of history. Present day Magi have studied for decades how to regain this knowldge, but so far, no luck.

Skyworld is home of Dragons. The Dragons once held an alliance with the Magi who raised the islands to begin with. But this covanent has since been broken. The Dragons reside on their own island far away from the main island cluster of Skyrelm. They never interact, and all who have attempted the voyage to their island have never returned to tell the tale. Dragons are known to be able to travel freely from the surface to their island. All else about their society or current doings are unknown. What is known, is to see a Dragon is to see death.

Character creation notes: Due to the everyday nature of magic in the high relm all starting characters must have 1 level of an arcane spellcasting class. This does not count against multi-classing or incur any XP penalties. Knowledge Arcane is a class skill for all characters created in the high relm.


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