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  • Underground

    Tentative owner Adam

    The Underground is a mineral rich sub-terrain that seconds as the first line of defense against the

  • Surface

    Tentative owner Jenn

    Quick Summary:
    The Surface is the bridge between the Skyworld and the Underworld. The Surface is home to the blue collar workforce. Steam punk technology plays a big role for both factories and people.

  • Skyworld

    Owner Chris

    The Skyworld is home to rich merchants and powerful magic users. Their geographical position is the same their personal opinion of the other kingdoms. The Skyworld requires powerful and expensive magic to keep their

  • Halfling Forest

    Tentative owner Sarah

    The Halflings live in seclusion from the rest of the kingdoms. The live in a remote forest on the surface. This forest is hard to get to through traditional means. The Halflings tell a prophecy that

  • Deep

    The Deep is the world beyond the Underground. Barred off from the rest of the realm, the Deep is home to vile monsters and all around badness. The Deep has not been explored

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