Original Story

The goal of this session was to provide a setting where three pairs of adventures could indirectly affect the other parties during their adventure. Each pair would be DM’d by a different DM. We would all agree upon a general concept for the world. Each DM would own a section of the world where they could divide the finer points.

Character Concepts

Each section of the world would be home to two heroes. The DM would encourage these heroes to see the rest of the world to encourage interaction between parties.

Skyworld Heroes

The Skyworld heroes are half human, half dragons. As of right now, their main focus for leaving is trade and technology.

Surface Heroes

The Surface heroes are twins with different fathers. One is half demon the other is half celestial. Each hero is encourage to find more out about their father, which would require traveling to the other realms.

Underground Heroes

The Underground heroes are augmented half humans. (Their other half is TBD. Most likely Drow/Dwarf). They will need to travel to the other kingdoms to send a warning about the Deep, gather slaves, trade, or diplomacy.

The Prophet

All six of the heroes share a common mother. For undetermined reasons, she went around to the three kingdoms and birth two children in each realm. (including a demon/angel gang bang apparently :) )

Sarah would be playing this character as a guest when needed.

Original Story

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