Here we can discuss some of the finer points of the dragons.

How powerful do we want to make them? (keeping in mind that we are going to be using two half dragons characters potentially).

What role do they serve in the world?


My story for Dragons, feel free to modify/edit/expand.
Dragons are powerfull beings; it is said they are born with the Earth itself. Dragons have their own society, based in Skyrelm. Their magic and power allow them to travel freely between the relms. They also have the power to take the form of any of the major races, this power allows them to walk freely in the relms in disguise. They are a closed society and as such little is known about their language or politics. Very few have been allowed into their cities in history. Those who have, describe a beautiful land filled with Dragons in the skies and walking about in massive homes built into great rocky cliffs.

Dragons are highly magical creatures, able to use both arcane and divine magic as well as their own Draconic magic. Dragons have been the makers of most of the fabled magical artifacts throught history and myth. Even without their great magical abilities their intelligence and physical prowes is second to no other mortal being in all the relms.

Dragons are not inherently immortal, but they are extremely long-lived. Barring physical destruction a Dragon can live for many centuries. It is unknown just how long they can live, or how old the oldest dragons really are. It is known that the older they are, the more fearsom and powerfull they become.

Dragons can, and sometimes do, live entire lifetimes in disguise. As one of the younger races, a dragon can lead, for all intents and purposes, a normal life; adjusting their disguise to appear to age as time goes on. There are legends of Dragons falling in love with one of the younger races and creating offspring. This has happened very rarely, but each time it has happened the progeny have become great men and women. Many hero’s and villains of myth and legend were in fact these half-dragons. For this reason, Dragons take great care to not let this happen. Any Dragon who is known to mate with one of the races is challenged and put to death or magiclly bound to their disguised body and stripped of all magical ability.


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